ChatGroupManager class Null safety

The group manager class, which manages group creation and deletion, user joining and exiting the group, etc.

Available Extensions


downloadCallback ChatDownloadCallback?
group shared file download callback.
read / write
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.


acceptInvitation(String groupId, String inviter) Future<ChatGroup>
Accepts a group invitation.
acceptJoinApplication(String groupId, String username) Future<void>
Approves a group request.
addAdmin(String groupId, String memberId) Future<void>
Adds a group admin.
addAllowList(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Adds members to the allow list of the group.
addEventHandler(String identifier, ChatGroupEventHandler handler) → void
Adds the group event handler. After calling this method, you can handle for new group event when they arrive.
addMembers(String groupId, List<String> members, {String? welcome}) Future<void>
Adds users to the group.
blockGroup(String groupId) Future<void>
Blocks group messages.
blockMembers(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Adds the user to the block list of the group.
changeGroupDescription(String groupId, String desc) Future<void>
Changes the group description.
changeGroupName(String groupId, String name) Future<void>
Changes the group name.
changeOwner(String groupId, String newOwner) Future<void>
Transfers the group ownership.
clearEventHandlers() → void
Clear all group event handlers.
createGroup({String? groupName, String? desc, List<String>? inviteMembers, String? inviteReason, required ChatGroupOptions options}) Future<ChatGroup>
Creates a group instance.
declineInvitation({required String groupId, required String inviter, String? reason}) Future<void>
Declines a group invitation.
declineJoinApplication(String groupId, String username, {String? reason}) Future<void>
Declines a group request.
destroyGroup(String groupId) Future<void>
Destroys the group instance.
downloadGroupSharedFile({required String groupId, required String fileId, required String savePath}) Future<void>
Downloads the shared file of the group.
fetchAllowListFromServer(String groupId) Future<List<String>>
Gets the allow list of the group from the server.
fetchAnnouncementFromServer(String groupId) Future<String?>
Gets the group announcement from the server.
fetchBlockListFromServer(String groupId, {int pageSize = 200, int pageNum = 1}) Future<List<String>>
Gets the group block list from server with pagination.
fetchGroupFileListFromServer(String groupId, {int pageSize = 200, int pageNum = 1}) Future<List<ChatGroupSharedFile>>
Gets the shared files of the group from the server.
fetchGroupInfoFromServer(String groupId, {bool fetchMembers = false}) Future<ChatGroup>
Gets the group information from the server.
fetchJoinedGroupsFromServer({int pageSize = 20, int pageNum = 0, bool needMemberCount = false, bool needRole = false}) Future<List<ChatGroup>>
Gets all groups of the current user from the server.
fetchMemberListFromServer(String groupId, {int pageSize = 200, String? cursor}) Future<ChatCursorResult<String>>
Gets the member list of the group with pagination.
fetchMuteListFromServer(String groupId, {int pageSize = 200, int pageNum = 1}) Future<Map<String, int>>
Gets the mute list of the group from the server.
fetchPublicGroupsFromServer({int pageSize = 200, String? cursor}) Future<ChatCursorResult<ChatGroupInfo>>
Gets public groups from the server with pagination.
getEventHandler(String identifier) ChatGroupEventHandler?
Get the group event handler.
getGroupWithId(String groupId) Future<ChatGroup?>
Gets the group instance from the cache by group ID.
getJoinedGroups() Future<List<ChatGroup>>
Gets all groups of the current user from the cache.
inviterUser(String groupId, List<String> members, {String? reason}) Future<void>
Invites users to join the group.
isMemberInAllowListFromServer(String groupId) Future<bool>
Gets whether the member is on the allow list of the group.
joinPublicGroup(String groupId) Future<void>
Joins a public group.
leaveGroup(String groupId) Future<void>
Leaves a group.
muteAllMembers(String groupId) Future<void>
Mutes all members.
muteMembers(String groupId, List<String> members, {int duration = -1}) Future<void>
Mutes group members.
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
removeAdmin(String groupId, String adminId) Future<void>
Removes a group admin.
removeAllowList(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Removes members from the allow list of the group.
removeEventHandler(String identifier) → void
Remove the group event handler.
removeGroupSharedFile(String groupId, String fileId) Future<void>
Removes a shared file of the group.
removeMembers(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Removes a member from the group.
requestToJoinPublicGroup(String groupId, {String? reason}) Future<void>
Requests to join a group.
toString() String
A string representation of this object.
unblockGroup(String groupId) Future<void>
Unblocks group messages.
unblockMembers(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Removes users from the group block list.
unMuteAllMembers(String groupId) Future<void>
Unmutes all members.
unMuteMembers(String groupId, List<String> members) Future<void>
Unmutes group members.
updateGroupAnnouncement(String groupId, String announcement) Future<void>
Updates the group announcement.
updateGroupExtension(String groupId, String extension) Future<void>
Updates the group extension field.
uploadGroupSharedFile(String groupId, String filePath) Future<void>
Uploads the shared file to the group.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.