fetchJoinedGroupsFromServer method

Future<List<ChatGroup>> fetchJoinedGroupsFromServer(
  1. {int pageSize = 20,
  2. int pageNum = 0,
  3. bool needMemberCount = false,
  4. bool needRole = false}

Gets all groups of the current user from the server.

This method returns a group list which does not contain member information. If you want to update information of a group to include its member information, call fetchGroupInfoFromServer.

Param pageSize The size of groups per page.

Param pageNum The page number.

Param needMemberCount The return result contains the number of group members

Param needRole The result contains the current user's role in the group

Return The list of groups that the current user joins.

Throws A description of the exception. See ChatError.


Future<List<ChatGroup>> fetchJoinedGroupsFromServer({
  int pageSize = 20,
  int pageNum = 0,
  bool needMemberCount = false,
  bool needRole = false,
}) async {
  Map req = {
    'pageSize': pageSize,
    'pageNum': pageNum,
    "needMemberCount": needMemberCount,
    "needRole": needRole,
  Map result = await _channel.invokeMethod(
      ChatMethodKeys.getJoinedGroupsFromServer, req);
  try {
    List<ChatGroup> list = [];
        ?.forEach((element) => list.add(ChatGroup.fromJson(element)));
    return list;
  } on ChatError catch (e) {
    throw e;