States of the Media Push.


0: The Media Push has not started or has ended.
1: The streaming server and CDN server are being connected.
2: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming publishes. The SDK successfully publishes the RTMP or RTMPS streaming and returns this state.

3: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming is recovering. When exceptions occur to the CDN, or the streaming is interrupted, the SDK tries to resume RTMP or RTMPS streaming and returns this state.

  • If the SDK successfully resumes the streaming, RtmpStreamPublishStateRunning(2) returns.
  • If the streaming does not resume within 60 seconds or server errors occur, RtmpStreamPublishStateFailure(4) returns. If you feel that 60 seconds is too long, you can also actively try to reconnect.
4: The RTMP or RTMPS streaming fails. After a failure, you can troubleshoot the cause of the error through the returned error code.
5: The SDK is disconnecting from the Agora streaming server and CDN. When you call stopRtmpStream to stop the Media Push normally, the SDK reports the Media Push state as RtmpStreamPublishStateDisconnecting and RtmpStreamPublishStateIdle in sequence.