Starts screen capture from the specified video source.

abstract startScreenCaptureBySourceType(
    sourceType: VideoSourceType,
    config: ScreenCaptureConfiguration
  ): number;
Attention: This method applies to the macOS and Windows only.

Applicable scenarios

In the screen sharing scenario, you need to call this method to start capturing the screen video stream.

The SDK supports a series of methods for screen capturing, with the following distinctions between them. Please choose according to the actual scenario:

Call timing

You can call this method either before or after joining the channel, with the following differences:
  • Call this method first and then call joinChannel to join channel and set publishScreenCaptureVideo to true to start screen sharing.
  • Call this method after joining a channel, then call updateChannelMediaOptions and set publishScreenCaptureVideo to true to start screen sharing.


  • If you start screen capture by calling this method, you need to call stopScreenCaptureBySourceType to stop screen capture.
  • On the Windows platform, it supports up to four screen capture video streams.
  • On the macOS platform, it supports only one screen capture video stream.


The type of the video source. See VideoSourceType.
Attention: On the macOS platform, this parameter can only be set to VideoSourceScreen (2).
The configuration of the captured screen. See ScreenCaptureConfiguration.


  • 0: Success.
  • < 0: Failure.