IoT SDK for Linux v1.8.0
Data Fields
rtc_service_option_t Struct Reference

#include <agora_rtc_api.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t area_code
char product_id [AGORA_RTC_PRODUCT_ID_MAX_LEN+1]
log_config_t log_cfg
char license_value [AGORA_LICENSE_VALUE_LEN+1]

Detailed Description

The configuration of the IoT SDK.

Field Documentation

◆ area_code

uint32_t area_code

The region for connection. This advanced feature applies to scenarios that have regional restrictions. For the regions that Agora supports, see area_code_e. The area codes support bitwise operation. After specifying the region, the SDK connects to the Agora servers within that region.

◆ license_value

char license_value[AGORA_LICENSE_VALUE_LEN+1]

License string returned after you activate the license.

License is a billing mode for the IoT SDK. To purchase and use a license, contact

◆ log_cfg

log_config_t log_cfg

The log config. See log_config_t.

◆ product_id

char product_id[AGORA_RTC_PRODUCT_ID_MAX_LEN+1]

The product ID. The maximum length is 63 characters.

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