IoT SDK for Linux v1.8.0
Data Fields
log_config_t Struct Reference

#include <agora_rtc_api.h>

Data Fields

bool log_disable
bool log_disable_desensitize
rtc_log_level_e log_level
const char * log_path

Detailed Description

SDK log configuration.

Field Documentation

◆ log_disable

bool log_disable

Whether to disable logs.

  • true: Disable logs.
  • false: Enable logs.

◆ log_disable_desensitize

bool log_disable_desensitize

Whether to disable log desensitization.

  • true: Disable log desensitization.
  • false: Enable log desensitization.

◆ log_level

rtc_log_level_e log_level

The log level.

◆ log_path

const char* log_path

Path to the location of the SDK logfile. If you set log_path to NULL, the logfile is in the pwd location.

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