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Agora Interactive Whiteboard Web SDK API Reference

Agora provides interactive whiteboard with high reliability and rich features through a virtual global network and flexible combinations of APIs.

  • The WhiteWebSdk class provides the main methods for initializing the WhiteSWebSdk instance and joining the live Interactive Whiteboard room.
  • The Room class provides methods that manage the live Interactive Whiteboard room.
  • The Displayer interface is the parent interface of the Room interface. Room inherits the methods of the Displayer interface.

SDK initialization

Method Description
WhiteWebSdk Initializes a WhiteWebSdk instance.
Callbacks Sets event callbacks.
joinRoom Joins the live Interactive Whiteboard room and sets room event callbacks.
WhiteVersion Gets the SDK version number.

Room management

Method Description
setWritable Sets whether a user is in interactive mode in the room.
disconnect Disconnects the user from the live Interactive Whiteboard room.
setGlobalState Modifies the global state of the live Interactive Whiteboard room.
isWritable Gets whether the local user is in interactive mode in the room.

Whiteboard tool

Method Description
setMemberState Modifies the state of the whiteboard tool currently in use.
MemberState Gets the state of the whiteboard tool currently in use.
copy Copies the selected content.
paste Pastes the copied content.
duplicate Duplicates the selected content.
delete Deletes the selected content.
disableSerialization Disables/Enables the local serialization.
redo Redoes an undone action.
undo Undoes an action.
disableEraseImage Disables the eraser from erasing images on the whiteboard.
disableDeviceInputs Disables the whiteboard from responding to users' operations.

View management

Method Description
setViewMode Sets the view mode of the user.
setCameraBound Sets the boundary of the user's view.
disableCameraTransform Disables the user from adjusting the view.
moveCamera Adjusts the view.
moveCameraToContain Adjusts the view to ensure the complete display of the view rectangle.
scalePptToFit Adjusts the view (in the specified animation mode) to ensure the complete display of the PPT slide.
BroadcastState Gets the view state of the user.

Scene management

Method Description
insertImage Inserts an image placeholder on the whiteboard.
completeImageUpload Displays an image in the specified image placeholder.
SceneState Gets the state of the scenes under the current scene directory.
createScenesCallback Creates a listener object for a scene directory.
SceneMap Gets the list of scenes under the current scene directory.
getScene Gets the information about a specified scene.
setScenePath Switches to the specified scene.
setSceneIndex Switches to the specified scene under the current scene directory.
putScenes Inserts multiples scenes under the specified scene directory.
moveScene Moves a scene.
exportScene Exports a scene.
importScene Imports a scene.
removeScenes Deletes a scene or a scene directory.
cleanCurrentScene Clears all contents on the current scene.
lockImages Locks selected images.
insertText Inserts text at a specified position.
updateText Modifies the specified text.
updateSelectedText Modifies the font style of the currently selected text.
pptNextStep Plays the next slide of the PPT file.
pptPreviousStep Returns to the previous slide of the PPT file.
scenePathType Gets the type of the scene path.
entireScenes Gets information about all scenes in the room.
scenePreview Gets the preview of the specified scene.
generateScreenshot Gets the screenshot of the specified scene.
fillSceneSnapshot Gets the snapshot of the specified scene.

Customized events

Method Description
dispatchMagixEvent Sends a custom event.
addMagixEventListener Adds a listener for a customized event.
removeMagixEventListener Removes a listener for a customized event.

Miscellaneous methods

Method Description
timeDelay Sets the delay time for synchronizing the whiteboard contents of the local user to the remote users.
convertToPointInWorld Converts the coordinates of a point on the whiteboard.
refreshViewSize Refreshes the whiteboard view.

Event callbacks

Event Description
DisplayerCallbacks Reports events of a Displayer object
RoomCallbacks Reports events of a live Interactive Whiteboard room
PPTTaskCallbacks Reports the progress and result of a PPT file-conversion task