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com.herewhite.sdk.WhiteSdkConfiguration.PptParams Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

boolean isUseServerWrap ()
void setUseServerWrap (boolean useServerWrap)
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String toString ()
JSONObject toJSON ()

Detailed Description

The PptParams class, which is used for setting parameters for dynamic PPT slides.

Member Function Documentation

◆ isUseServerWrap()

boolean com.herewhite.sdk.WhiteSdkConfiguration.PptParams.isUseServerWrap ( )

Gets whether server-side typesetting for dynamic PPT slides is enabled.

Whether server-side typesetting for dynamic PPT slides is enabled:
  • true: Enabled.
  • false: Disabled.

◆ setUseServerWrap()

void com.herewhite.sdk.WhiteSdkConfiguration.PptParams.setUseServerWrap ( boolean  useServerWrap)

Enables/Disables server-side typesetting for dynamic PPT slides.


As of February 10, 2021, when converting dynamic PPT slides to HTML web pages, the Agora Interactive Whiteboard server supports typesetting the dynamic PPT slides to ensure the presentation of the text in the dynamic PPT slides is consistent across platforms.

From 2.12.27, the default value of useServerWrap is changed from false to true.
useServerWrapWhether to enable server-side typesetting for dynamic PPT slides.
  • true: (Default) Enable server-side typesetting.
  • false: Disable server-side typesetting.