Interface MicrophoneAudioTrackInitConfig

Configurations for the audio track from the audio captured by a microphone. Set these configurations when calling AgoraRTC.createMicrophoneAudioTrack.


  • MicrophoneAudioTrackInitConfig



Optional AEC

AEC: boolean

Whether to enable acoustic echo cancellation:

  • true: Enable acoustic echo cancellation.
  • false: Do not enable acoustic echo cancellation.

Optional AGC

AGC: boolean

Whether to enable audio gain control:

  • true: Enable audio gain control.
  • false: Do not enable audio gain control.

Optional ANS

ANS: boolean

Whether to enable automatic noise suppression:

  • true: Enable automatic noise suppression.
  • false: Do not automatic noise suppression.

Optional encoderConfig

The audio encoder configurations.

You can set the audio encoder configurations in either of the following ways:

Firefox does not support setting the audio encoding rate.

Optional microphoneId

microphoneId: string

Specifies the microphone ID.

You can get a list of the available microphones by calling AgoraRTC.getMicrophones.