Video encoder configurations.

export class VideoEncoderConfiguration {
  codecType?: VideoCodecType;
  dimensions?: VideoDimensions;
  frameRate?: number;
  bitrate?: number;
  minBitrate?: number;
  orientationMode?: OrientationMode;
  degradationPreference?: DegradationPreference;
  mirrorMode?: VideoMirrorModeType;

  advanceOptions?: AdvanceOptions;



The dimensions of the encoded video (px). See VideoDimensions. This parameter measures the video encoding quality in the format of length × width. The default value is 960 × 540. You can set a custom value.

The codec type of the local video stream. See VideoCodecType.
The frame rate (fps) of the encoding video frame. The default value is 15. See FrameRate.

The encoding bitrate (Kbps) of the video.


The minimum encoding bitrate (Kbps) of the video.

The SDK automatically adjusts the encoding bitrate to adapt to the network conditions. Using a value greater than the default value forces the video encoder to output high-quality images but may cause more packet loss and sacrifice the smoothness of the video transmission. Unless you have special requirements for image quality, Agora does not recommend changing this value.

Attention: This parameter only applies to the interactive streaming profile.
The orientation mode of the encoded video. See OrientationMode.
Video degradation preference under limited bandwidth. See DegradationPreference.

Sets the mirror mode of the published local video stream. It only affects the video that the remote user sees. See VideoMirrorModeType.

Attention: By default, the video is not mirrored.
Advanced options for video encoding. See AdvanceOptions.