Creates a custom audio track.

virtual rtc::track_id_t createCustomAudioTrack(rtc::AUDIO_TRACK_TYPE trackType, const rtc::AudioTrackConfig& config) = 0;


Attention: Ensure that you call this method before joining a channel.
To publish a custom audio source, see the following steps:
  1. Call this method to create a custom audio track and get the audio track ID.
  2. Call joinChannel [2/2] to join the channel. In ChannelMediaOptions, set publishCustomAduioTrackId to the audio track ID that you want to publish, and set publishCustomAudioTrack to true.
  3. Call pushAudioFrame and specify trackId as the audio track ID set in step 2. You can then publish the corresponding custom audio source in the channel.


The type of the custom audio track. See AUDIO_TRACK_TYPE.
Attention: If AUDIO_TRACK_DIRECT is specified for this parameter, you must set publishMicrophoneTrack to false in ChannelMediaOptions when calling joinChannel [2/2] to join the channel; otherwise, joining the channel fails and returns the error code -2.
The configuration of the custom audio track. See AudioTrackConfig.


  • If the method call is successful, the audio track ID is returned as the unique identifier of the audio track.
  • If the method call fails, a negative value is returned.