The configuration of the low-quality video stream.

public class SimulcastStreamConfig {
  public VideoEncoderConfiguration.VideoDimensions dimensions;
  public int bitrate;
  public int framerate;

  public SimulcastStreamConfig() {
    this.dimensions = new VideoEncoderConfiguration.VideoDimensions(-1, -1);
    this.bitrate = -1;
    this.framerate = 5;

  public SimulcastStreamConfig(
      VideoEncoderConfiguration.VideoDimensions dimensions, int bitrate, int framerate) {
    this.dimensions = dimensions;
    this.bitrate = bitrate;
    this.framerate = framerate;


The video dimension. See VideoDimensions. The default value is 50% of the high-quality video stream.
Video receive bitrate (Kbps), represented by an instantaneous value. This parameter does not need to be set. The SDK automatically matches the most suitable bitrate based on the video resolution and frame rate you set.
The frame rate (fps) of the local video. The default value is 5.