The low-light enhancement options.

public class LowLightEnhanceOptions {
    public static final int LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_AUTO = 0;
    public static final int LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_MANUAL = 1;
    public static final int LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_LEVEL_HIGH_QUALITY = 0;
    public static final int LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_LEVEL_FAST = 1;
    public int lowlightEnhanceMode;
    public int lowlightEnhanceLevel;

  public LowLightEnhanceOptions() {
    lowlightEnhanceMode = LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_AUTO;

  public LowLightEnhanceOptions(int mode, int level) {
    lowlightEnhanceMode = mode;
    lowlightEnhanceLevel = level;


The low-light enhancement level.
  • LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_LEVEL_HIGH_QUALITY(0): (Default) Promotes video quality during low-light enhancement. It processes the brightness, details, and noise of the video image. The performance consumption is moderate, the processing speed is moderate, and the overall video quality is optimal.
  • LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_LEVEL_FAST(1): Promotes performance during low-light enhancement. It processes the brightness and details of the video image. The processing speed is faster.
The low-light enhancement mode.
  • LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_AUTO(0): (Default) Automatic mode. The SDK automatically enables or disables the low-light enhancement feature according to the ambient light to compensate for the lighting level or prevent overexposure, as necessary.
  • LOW_LIGHT_ENHANCE_MANUAL(1): Manual mode. Users need to enable or disable the low-light enhancement feature manually.