The metronome configuration.

public class AgoraRhythmPlayerConfig {
  public int beatsPerMeasure;
  public int beatsPerMinute;

  public AgoraRhythmPlayerConfig() {
    this.beatsPerMeasure = 4;
    this.beatsPerMinute = 60;

  public int getBeatsPerMeasure() {
    return beatsPerMeasure;

  public int getBeatsPerMinute() {
    return beatsPerMinute;


The number of beats per measure, which ranges from 1 to 9. The default value is 4, which means that each measure contains one downbeat and three upbeats.
The beat speed (beats/minute), which ranges from 60 to 360. The default value is 60, which means that the metronome plays 60 beats in one minute.