Agora Java API Reference for Android
io.agora.rtc.IVideoEncodedFrameObserver Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean onVideoEncodedFrame (VideoEncodedFrame videoEncodedFrame)

Detailed Description

Member Function Documentation

◆ onVideoEncodedFrame()

boolean io.agora.rtc.IVideoEncodedFrameObserver.onVideoEncodedFrame ( VideoEncodedFrame  videoEncodedFrame)

Gets the local encoded video frame.


After you successfully register the local encoded video frame observer, the SDK triggers this callback each time a video frame is received. You can get the local encoded video frame in videoEncodedFrame and then process the video data according to your scenario. After processing, you can use videoEncodedFrame to pass the processed video data back to the SDK.

videoEncodedFrameThe local encoded video frame. See VideoEncodedFrame.
  • true: Reserved for future use.
  • false: Reserved for future use.