The volume information of users.

public class AudioVolumeInfo
        public AudioVolumeInfo()
            uid = 0;
            volume = 0;
            vad = 0;
            voicePitch = 0.0;

        public AudioVolumeInfo(uint uid, uint volume, uint vad, double voicePitch)
            this.uid = uid;
            this.volume = volume;
            this.vad = vad;
            this.voicePitch = voicePitch;

        public uint uid { set; get; }
        public uint volume { set; get; }
        public uint vad { set; get; }
        public double voicePitch { set; get; }


The user ID.
  • In the local user's callback, uid is 0.
  • In the remote users' callback, uid is the user ID of a remote user whose instantaneous volume is the highest.
The volume of the user. The value ranges between 0 (the lowest volume) and 255 (the highest volume). If the local user enables audio capturing and calls MuteLocalAudioStream and set it as true to mute, the value of volume indicates the volume of locally captured audio signal.
Voice activity status of the local user.
  • 0: The local user is not speaking.
  • 1: The local user is speaking.
  • The vad parameter does not report the voice activity status of remote users. In a remote user's callback, the value of vad is always 1.
  • To use this parameter, you must set reportVad to true when calling EnableAudioVolumeIndication.

The voice pitch of the local user. The value ranges between 0.0 and 4000.0.

Attention: The voicePitch parameter does not report the voice pitch of remote users. In the remote users' callback, the value of voicePitch is always 0.0.