Starts camera capture.

public abstract int StartCameraCapture(VIDEO_SOURCE_TYPE sourceType, CameraCapturerConfiguration config);


You can call this method to start capturing video from one or more cameras by specifying sourceType.

Note: On the iOS platform, if you want to enable multi-camera capture, you need to call EnableMultiCamera and set enabled to true before calling this method.



The type of the video source. See VIDEO_SOURCE_TYPE.

  • On the mobile platforms, you can capture video from up to 2 cameras, provided the device has dual cameras or supports an external camera.
  • On the desktop platforms, you can capture video from up to 4 cameras.

The configuration of the video capture. See CameraCapturerConfiguration.

Note: On the iOS platform, this parameter has no practical function. Use the config parameter in EnableMultiCamera instead to set the video capture configuration.


  • 0: Success.
  • < 0: Failure.