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agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats Struct Reference

Public Attributes

int sentBitrate
int sentFrameRate
int encoderOutputFrameRate
int rendererOutputFrameRate
int targetBitrate
int targetFrameRate
int encodedBitrate
int encodedFrameWidth
int encodedFrameHeight
int encodedFrameCount
ushort txPacketLossRate
int captureFrameRate

Detailed Description

Statistics of the local video stream.

Member Data Documentation

◆ sentBitrate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.sentBitrate

Bitrate (Kbps) sent in the reported interval, which does not include the bitrate of the retransmission video after packet loss.

◆ sentFrameRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.sentFrameRate

Frame rate (fps) sent in the reported interval, which does not include the frame rate of the retransmission video after packet loss.

◆ encoderOutputFrameRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.encoderOutputFrameRate

The encoder output frame rate (fps) of the local video.

◆ rendererOutputFrameRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.rendererOutputFrameRate

The render output frame rate (fps) of the local video.

◆ targetBitrate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.targetBitrate

The target bitrate (Kbps) of the current encoder. This value is estimated by the SDK based on the current network conditions.

◆ targetFrameRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.targetFrameRate

The target frame rate (fps) of the current encoder.

◆ qualityAdaptIndication

QUALITY_ADAPT_INDICATION agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.qualityAdaptIndication

Quality change of the local video in terms of target frame rate and target bit rate in this reported interval. See QUALITY_ADAPT_INDICATION.

◆ encodedBitrate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.encodedBitrate

The encoding bitrate (Kbps), which does not include the bitrate of the re-transmission video after packet loss.

◆ encodedFrameWidth

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.encodedFrameWidth

The width of the encoding frame (px).

◆ encodedFrameHeight

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.encodedFrameHeight

The height of the encoding frame (px).

◆ encodedFrameCount

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.encodedFrameCount

The value of the sent frames, represented by an aggregate value.

◆ codecType

VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.codecType

The codec type of the local video:

  • VIDEO_CODEC_VP8 = 1: VP8.
  • VIDEO_CODEC_H264 = 2: (Default) H.264.

◆ txPacketLossRate

ushort agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.txPacketLossRate

The video packet loss rate (%) from the local client to the Agora edge server before applying the anti-packet loss strategies.


◆ captureFrameRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.captureFrameRate

The capture frame rate (fps) of the local video.


◆ captureBrightnessLevel

CAPTURE_BRIGHTNESS_LEVEL_TYPE agora_gaming_rtc.LocalVideoStats.captureBrightnessLevel

The brightness level of the video image captured by the local camera. See CAPTURE_BRIGHTNESS_LEVEL_TYPE.


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