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agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration Struct Reference

Public Attributes

string filePath
int recordingSampleRate
int recordingChannel

Detailed Description

Recording configuration, which is set in StartAudioRecording.

Member Data Documentation

◆ filePath

string agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration.filePath

The absolute path (including the filename extensions) of the recording file. For example: C:\music\audio.aac. Ensure that the path you specify exists and is writable.

◆ recordingQuality

AUDIO_RECORDING_QUALITY_TYPE agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration.recordingQuality

Audio recording quality. See AUDIO_RECORDING_QUALITY_TYPE.

This parameter applies to AAC files only.

◆ recordingPosition

AUDIO_RECORDING_POSITION agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration.recordingPosition

Recording content. See AUDIO_RECORDING_POSITION.

◆ recordingSampleRate

int agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration.recordingSampleRate

Recording sample rate (Hz). The following values are supported:

  • 16000
  • (Default) 32000
  • 44100
  • 48000
    If this parameter is set to 44100 or 48000, for better recording effects, Agora recommends recording WAV files or AAC files whose recordingQuality is AUDIO_RECORDING_QUALITY_MEDIUM or AUDIO_RECORDING_QUALITY_HIGH.

◆ recordingChannel

int agora_gaming_rtc.AudioRecordingConfiguration.recordingChannel

The recorded audio channel. The following values are supported:

  • 1: (Default) Mono channel.
  • 2: Dual channel.
The actual recorded audio channel is related to the audio channel that you capture. If the captured audio is mono and recordingChannel is 2, the recorded audio is the dual-channel data that is copied from mono data, not stereo. If the captured audio is dual channel and recordingChannel is 1, the recorded audio is the mono data that is mixed by dual-channel data. The integration scheme also affects the final recorded audio channel. Therefore, to record in stereo, contact technical support for assistance.

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