Video SDK v3.7.1 API Reference for Unity
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agora_gaming_rtc.AVData Struct Reference

Public Attributes

uint uid
uint size
byte[] buffer
uint timestamp
VDataInfo vinfo
ADataInfo ainfo

Member Data Documentation

◆ uid

uint agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.uid

The User ID. reserved

  • For the receiver: the ID of the user who owns the data.

◆ type

AVDATA_TYPE agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.type
  • data type, audio / video.

◆ size

uint agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.size

Buffer size of the sent or received Metadata.

◆ buffer

byte [] agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.buffer

Buffer address of the sent or received Metadata.

◆ timestamp

uint agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.timestamp

Time statmp of the frame following the metadata.

◆ vinfo

VDataInfo agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.vinfo

Video frame info

◆ ainfo

ADataInfo agora_gaming_rtc.AVData.ainfo

Audio frame info

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