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agora_gaming_rtc.EncryptionConfig Class Reference


ENCRYPTION_MODE encryptionMode [get, set]
string encryptionKey [get, set]
byte[] encryptionKdfSalt [get, set]

Detailed Description

Configurations of built-in encryption schemas.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EncryptionConfig()

agora_gaming_rtc.EncryptionConfig.EncryptionConfig ( )

Property Documentation

◆ encryptionMode

ENCRYPTION_MODE agora_gaming_rtc.EncryptionConfig.encryptionMode

Encryption mode. The default encryption mode is AES_128_XTS. See ENCRYPTION_MODE.

◆ encryptionKey

string agora_gaming_rtc.EncryptionConfig.encryptionKey

Encryption key in string type.

If you do not set an encryption key or set it as NULL, you cannot use the built-in encryption, and the SDK returns ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT (-2).

◆ encryptionKdfSalt

byte [] agora_gaming_rtc.EncryptionConfig.encryptionKdfSalt

The salt with the length of 32 bytes. Agora recommends using OpenSSL to generate the salt on your server.

his parameter is only valid when you set the encryption mode as AES_128_GCM2 or AES_256_GCM2. In this case, ensure that this parameter is not 0.

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