Starts camera capture.

Future<void> startCameraCapture(
      {required VideoSourceType sourceType,
      required CameraCapturerConfiguration config});


You can call this method to start capturing video from one or more cameras by specifying sourceType.

Note: On the iOS platform, if you want to enable multi-camera capture, you need to call enableMultiCamera and set enabled to true before calling this method.



The type of the video source. See VideoSourceType.

  • On the mobile platforms, you can capture video from up to 2 cameras, provided the device has dual cameras or supports an external camera.
  • On the desktop platforms, you can capture video from up to 4 cameras.

The configuration of the video capture. See CameraCapturerConfiguration.

Note: On the iOS platform, this parameter has no practical function. Use the config parameter in enableMultiCamera instead to set the video capture configuration.


When the method call succeeds, there is no return value; when fails, the AgoraRtcException exception is thrown; and you need to catch the exception and handle it accordingly.

  • < 0: Failure.