Sets the video profile of the media streams directly pushed to the CDN by the host.

Future<void> setDirectCdnStreamingVideoConfiguration(
      VideoEncoderConfiguration config);


This method only affects video streams captured by cameras or screens, or from custom video capture sources. That is, when you set publishCameraTrack or publishCustomVideoTrack in DirectCdnStreamingMediaOptions as true to capture videos, you can call this method to set the video profiles.

If your local camera does not support the video resolution you set,the SDK automatically adjusts the video resolution to a value that is closest to your settings for capture, encoding or streaming, with the same aspect ratio as the resolution you set. You can get the actual resolution of the video streams through the onDirectCdnStreamingStats callback.


Video profile. See VideoEncoderConfiguration.
Note: During CDN live streaming, Agora only supports setting OrientationMode as orientationModeFixedLandscape or orientationModeFixedPortrait.


When the method call succeeds, there is no return value; when fails, the AgoraRtcException exception is thrown. You need to catch the exception and handle it accordingly.