Updates the wildcard token for preloading channels.

virtual int updatePreloadChannelToken(const char* token) = 0;



You need to maintain the life cycle of the wildcard token by yourself. When the token expires, you need to generate a new wildcard token and then call this method to pass in the new token.

Applicable scenarios

In scenarios involving multiple channels, such as switching between different channels, using a wildcard token means users do not need to apply for a new token every time joinning a new channel, which can save users time for switching channels and reduce the pressure on your token server.


The new token.


  • 0: Success.
  • < 0: Failure.
    • -2: The parameter is invalid. For example, the token is invalid. You need to pass in a valid parameter and join the channel again.
    • -7: The IRtcEngine object has not been initialized. You need to initialize the IRtcEngine object before calling this method.