Agora C++ API Reference for All Platforms
agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo Struct Reference

#include <IAgoraRtcEngine.h>

Public Member Functions

 ScreenCaptureSourceInfo ()

Public Attributes

ScreenCaptureSourceType type
view_t sourceId
const char * sourceName
ThumbImageBuffer thumbImage
ThumbImageBuffer iconImage
const char * processPath
const char * sourceTitle
bool primaryMonitor

Detailed Description

The information about the specified shareable window or screen.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ScreenCaptureSourceInfo()

agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ type

ScreenCaptureSourceType agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::type

The type of the shared target. See ScreenCaptureSourceType.

◆ sourceId

view_t agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::sourceId

The window ID for a window or the display ID for a screen.

◆ sourceName

const char* agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::sourceName

The name of the window or screen. UTF-8 encoding.

◆ thumbImage

ThumbImageBuffer agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::thumbImage

The image content of the thumbnail. See ThumbImageBuffer.

◆ iconImage

ThumbImageBuffer agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::iconImage

The image content of the icon. See ThumbImageBuffer.

◆ processPath

const char* agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::processPath

The process to which the window belongs. UTF-8 encoding.

◆ sourceTitle

const char* agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::sourceTitle

The title of the window. UTF-8 encoding.

◆ primaryMonitor

bool agora::rtc::ScreenCaptureSourceInfo::primaryMonitor

Determines whether the screen is the primary display:

  • true: The screen is the primary display.
  • false: The screen is not the primary display.