Agora C++ API Reference for All Platforms
agora::rtc::LocalAudioStats Struct Reference

#include <IAgoraRtcEngine.h>

Public Attributes

int numChannels
int sentSampleRate
int sentBitrate
unsigned short txPacketLossRate

Detailed Description

Audio statistics of the local user

Member Data Documentation

◆ numChannels

int agora::rtc::LocalAudioStats::numChannels

The number of channels.

◆ sentSampleRate

int agora::rtc::LocalAudioStats::sentSampleRate

The sample rate (Hz).

◆ sentBitrate

int agora::rtc::LocalAudioStats::sentBitrate

The average sending bitrate (Kbps).

◆ txPacketLossRate

unsigned short agora::rtc::LocalAudioStats::txPacketLossRate

The audio packet loss rate (%) from the local client to the Agora edge server before applying the anti-packet loss strategies.