Agora C++ API Reference for All Platforms
agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame Struct Reference

#include <IAgoraMediaEngine.h>

Public Member Functions

 VideoEncodedFrame ()

Public Attributes

int width
int height
const uint8_t * buffer
unsigned int length
int64_t renderTimeMs

Detailed Description

The VideoEncodedFrame struct.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VideoEncodedFrame()

agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::VideoEncodedFrame ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ codecType

VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::codecType

The video codec type. See VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE.

◆ width

int agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::width

The width (px) of the video.

◆ height

int agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::height

The height (px) of the video.

◆ buffer

const uint8_t* agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::buffer

The video buffer, which is in the DirectByteBuffer data type.

◆ length

unsigned int agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::length

The length (in bytes) of the video buffer.

◆ frameType

CODEC_VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::frameType

The video frame type. See CODEC_VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE.

◆ rotation

VIDEO_ROTATION agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::rotation

The clockwise rotation angle of the video frame. See VIDEO_ROTATION.

◆ renderTimeMs

int64_t agora::media::VideoEncodedFrame::renderTimeMs

The Unix timestamp (ms) when the video frame is rendered. This timestamp can be used to guide the rendering of the video frame. This parameter is required.