Agora C++ API Reference for All Platforms
agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext Struct Reference

#include <IAgoraMediaEngine.h>

Public Attributes

void * view
int renderMode
int zOrder
float left
float top
float right
float bottom

Detailed Description


Member Data Documentation

◆ renderCallback

IExternalVideoRenderCallback* agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::renderCallback

◆ view

void* agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::view

Video display window.

◆ renderMode

int agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::renderMode

Video display mode: RENDER_MODE_TYPE

◆ zOrder

int agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::zOrder

The image layer location.

  • 0: (Default) The image is at the bottom of the stack
  • 100: The image is at the top of the stack.
If the value is set to below 0 or above 100, the ERR_INVALID_ARGUMENT error occurs.

◆ left

float agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::left

Video layout distance from the left.

◆ top

float agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::top

Video layout distance from the top.

◆ right

float agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::right

Video layout distance from the right.

◆ bottom

float agora::media::ExternalVideoRenerContext::bottom

Video layout distance from the bottom.