The number of channels for audio preprocessing.

In scenarios that require enhanced realism, such as concerts, local users might need to capture stereo audio and send stereo signals to remote users. For example, the singer, guitarist, and drummer are standing in different positions on the stage. The audio capture device captures their stereo audio and sends stereo signals to remote users. Remote users can hear the song, guitar, and drum from different directions as if they were at the auditorium.

You can set the dual-channel processing to implement stereo audio in this class. Agora recommends the following settings:
  1. Preprocessing: call setAdvancedAudioOptions and set audioProcessingChannels to AdvancedAudioOptions (2) in AGORA_AUDIO_STEREO_PROCESSING.
  2. Post-processing: call setAudioProfile [2/2] and set profile to MUSIC_STANDARD_STEREO (3) or MUSIC_HIGH_QUALITY_STEREO (5).
  • The stereo setting only takes effect when the SDK uses the media volume. See Volume type.


1: (Default) Mono.
2: Stereo.