Configuration of video screenshot and upload.

public class ContentInspectConfig {
  public final static int CONTENT_INSPECT_TYPE_INVALID = 0;
  public final static int CONTENT_INSPECT_TYPE_SUPERVISE = 2;
  public final static int CONTENT_INSPECT_TYPE_IMAGE_MODERATION = 3;
  public static final int MAX_CONTENT_INSPECT_MODULE_COUNT = 32;
  public String extraInfo;
  public String serverConfig;
  public ContentInspectModule[] modules;
  public int moduleCount;

  public static class ContentInspectModule {
    public int type;
    public int interval;

    public ContentInspectModule() {
      interval = 0;

  public ContentInspectConfig() {
    modules = new ContentInspectModule[MAX_CONTENT_INSPECT_MODULE_COUNT];
    for (int i = 0; i < MAX_CONTENT_INSPECT_MODULE_COUNT; i++) {
      modules[i] = new ContentInspectModule();
    moduleCount = 0;


0: (Default) No actual function. Do not set type to this value.
2: Video screenshot and upload via Agora self-developed extension. The SDK takes screenshots of videos sent by local users and upload them.
3: Video screenshot and upload via extensions from Agora Extensions Marketplace. SDK uses video moderation extensions from Agora Extensions Marketplace to take screenshots of the video stream in the channel and uploads them.

Additional information on the video content (maximum length: 1024 Bytes).

The SDK sends the screenshots and additional information on the video content to the Agora server. Once the video screenshot and upload process is completed, the Agora server sends the additional information and the callback notification to your server.

(Optional) Server configuration related to uploading video screenshots via extensions from Agora Extensions Marketplace. This parameter only takes effect when type in ContentInspectModule is set to CONTENT_INSPECT_TYPE_IMAGE_MODERATION. If you want to use it, contact technical support.

Functional module. See ContentInspectModule.

A maximum of 32 ContentInspectModule instances can be configured, and the value range of MAX_CONTENT_INSPECT_MODULE_COUNT is an integer in [1,32].

Attention: A function module can only be configured with one instance at most. Currently only the video screenshot and upload function is supported.
The number of functional modules, that is,the number of configured ContentInspectModule instances, must be the same as the number of instances configured in modules. The maximum number is 32.