Occurs when there's an error during the local video mixing.

public void onLocalVideoTranscoderError(
      LocalTranscoderConfiguration.TranscodingVideoStream stream, int error) {}



When you fail to call startLocalVideoTranscoder or updateLocalTranscoderConfiguration, the SDK triggers this callback to report the reason.


The video streams that cannot be mixed during video mixing. See TranscodingVideoStream.
The reason for local video mixing error.
The reason for local video mixing error:
  • 1: The selected video source has not started video capture. You need to create a video track for it and start video capture.
  • 2: The video source type is invalid. You need to re-specify the supported video source type.
  • 3: The image path is invalid. You need to re-specify the correct image path.
  • 4: The image format is invalid. Make sure the image format is one of PNG, JPEG, or GIF.
  • 5: The video encoding resolution after video mixing is invalid.
  • 20: Unknown internal error.