Reports events during the media stream relay.

public void onChannelMediaRelayEvent(int code) {}
This callback is deprecated.


The event code of channel media relay:
  • RELAY_EVENT_NETWORK_DISCONNECTED(0): The user disconnects from the server due to a poor network connection.
  • RELAY_EVENT_NETWORK_CONNECTED(1): The user is connected to the server.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_JOINED_SRC_CHANNEL(2): The user joins the source channel.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_JOINED_DEST_CHANNEL(3): The user joins the target channell.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_SENT_TO_DEST_CHANNEL(4): The SDK starts relaying the media stream to the target channel.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_RECEIVED_VIDEO_FROM_SRC(5): The server receives the video stream from the source channel.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_RECEIVED_AUDIO_FROM_SRC(6): The server receives the audio stream from the source channel.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_UPDATE_DEST_CHANNEL(7): The target channel is updated.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_UPDATE_DEST_CHANNEL_NOT_CHANGE(9): The target channel does not change, which means that the target channel fails to be updated.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PACKET_UPDATE_DEST_CHANNEL_IS_NULL(10): The target channel name is NULL.
  • RELAY_EVENT_VIDEO_PROFILE_UPDATE(11): The video profile is sent to the server.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PAUSE_SEND_PACKET_TO_DEST_CHANNEL_SUCCESS(12): The SDK successfully pauses relaying the media stream to target channels.
  • RELAY_EVENT_PAUSE_SEND_PACKET_TO_DEST_CHANNEL_FAILED(13): The SDK fails to pause relaying the media stream to target channels.
  • RELAY_EVENT_RESUME_SEND_PACKET_TO_DEST_CHANNEL_SUCCESS(14): The SDK successfully resumes relaying the media stream to target channels.
  • RELAY_EVENT_RESUME_SEND_PACKET_TO_DEST_CHANNEL_FAILED(15): The SDK fails to resume relaying the media stream to target channels.