Agora Java API Reference for Android
io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel Enum Reference

Static Public Member Functions

static int getValue (LogLevel type)

Public Attributes

 LOG_LEVEL_NONE =(0x0000)
 LOG_LEVEL_INFO =(0x0001)
 LOG_LEVEL_WARN =(0x0002)
 LOG_LEVEL_ERROR =(0x0004)
 LOG_LEVEL_FATAL =(0x0008)

Detailed Description

Log Level.

Member Data Documentation


io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel.LOG_LEVEL_NONE =(0x0000)

Outputs no log.


io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel.LOG_LEVEL_INFO =(0x0001)

Outputs logs of the INFO level.


io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel.LOG_LEVEL_WARN =(0x0002)

Outputs logs of the WARNING level.


io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel.LOG_LEVEL_ERROR =(0x0004)

Outputs logs of the ERROR level.


io.agora.rtc.Constants.LogLevel.LOG_LEVEL_FATAL =(0x0008)

Outputs logs of the CRITICAL level.