Agora Java API Reference for Android
io.agora.rtc.ScreenCaptureParameters.AudioCaptureParameters Class Reference

Inherits Serializable.

Public Member Functions

String toString ()
boolean equals (Object o)
int hashCode ()

Public Attributes

int sampleRate = 16000
int channels = 2
int captureSignalVolume = 100
boolean allowCaptureCurrentApp = false

Detailed Description

The audio configuration for the shared screen stream.

Only available for scenarios where captureAudio is true.


Member Data Documentation

◆ sampleRate

int io.agora.rtc.ScreenCaptureParameters.AudioCaptureParameters.sampleRate = 16000

The audio sample rate (Hz). The default value is 16000.

◆ channels

int io.agora.rtc.ScreenCaptureParameters.AudioCaptureParameters.channels = 2

The number of audio channels. The default value is 2, indicating dual channels.

◆ captureSignalVolume

int io.agora.rtc.ScreenCaptureParameters.AudioCaptureParameters.captureSignalVolume = 100

The volume of the captured system audio. The value range is [0,100]. The default value is 100.

◆ allowCaptureCurrentApp

boolean io.agora.rtc.ScreenCaptureParameters.AudioCaptureParameters.allowCaptureCurrentApp = false

Determines whether to capture the audio played by the current application:

  • true: Capture.
  • false: (Default) Do not capture.