Agora Java API Reference for Android
io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality Class Reference

Static Public Attributes

static final int UNKNOWN = Constants.QUALITY_UNKNOWN
static final int EXCELLENT = Constants.QUALITY_EXCELLENT
static final int GOOD = Constants.QUALITY_GOOD
static final int POOR = Constants.QUALITY_POOR
static final int BAD = Constants.QUALITY_BAD
static final int VBAD = Constants.QUALITY_VBAD
static final int DOWN = Constants.QUALITY_DOWN

Detailed Description

The network quality.

Member Data Documentation


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.UNKNOWN = Constants.QUALITY_UNKNOWN

0: The quality is unknown.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.EXCELLENT = Constants.QUALITY_EXCELLENT

1: The quality is excellent.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.GOOD = Constants.QUALITY_GOOD

2: The quality is quite good, but the bitrate may be slightly lower than excellent.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.POOR = Constants.QUALITY_POOR

3: Users can feel that the communication is slightly impaired.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.BAD = Constants.QUALITY_BAD

4: Users can communicate but not very smoothly.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.VBAD = Constants.QUALITY_VBAD

5: The quality is so bad that users can hardly communicate.


final int io.agora.rtc.IRtcEngineEventHandler.Quality.DOWN = Constants.QUALITY_DOWN

6: The network is disconnected and users cannot communicate at all.