Signaling (previously RTM) SDK v1.5.0 API Reference for Android
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io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

String  getCalleeId ()
void  setContent (String content)
String  getContent ()
void  setChannelId (String channelId)
String  getChannelId ()
String  getResponse ()
int  getState ()

Member Function Documentation

◆ getCalleeId()

String io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.getCalleeId ( )

Gets the User ID of the callee.

◆ setContent()

void io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.setContent ( String  content )

Sets the content of the call invitation.

content The content of the call invitation. The content must not exceed 8 KB in length if encoded in UTF-8.

◆ getContent()

String io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.getContent ( )

Allows the caller to get the content of the call invitation.

The caller sets the content using the setContent method.

◆ setChannelId()

void io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.setChannelId ( String  channelId )

Sets the channel ID.

Note To intercommunicate with the legacy Agora Signaling SDK, you MUST set the channel ID. However, even if the callee successfully accepts the call invitation, the Agora RTM SDK does not join the channel of the specified channel ID.

channelId The channel ID to be set.

◆ getChannelId()

String io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.getChannelId ( )

Gets the channel ID.

The channel ID that the caller sets using the setChannelId method.

◆ getResponse()

String io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.getResponse ( )

Allows the caller to get the callee's response to the call invitation.

The callee sets the response using the setResponse method.

◆ getState()

int io.agora.rtm.LocalInvitation.getState ( )

Allows the caller to get the state of the outgoing call invitation.

See: LocalInvitationState.