Signaling (previously RTM) SDK v1.5.0 API Reference for Android
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io.agora.rtm.RtmServiceContext Class Reference


class   RtmAreaCode
class   RtmCloudProxyType

Public Member Functions

String  toString ()

Public Attributes

int  areaCode = RtmAreaCode.AREA_CODE_GLOB
int  proxyType = RtmCloudProxyType.NONE_PROXY

Detailed Description

Context of the RtmClient instance.

Member Data Documentation

◆ areaCode

int io.agora.rtm.RtmServiceContext.areaCode = RtmAreaCode.AREA_CODE_GLOB

Region for the Agora RTM service. The default is AREA_CODE_GLOB. See RtmAreaCode.

◆ proxyType

int io.agora.rtm.RtmServiceContext.proxyType = RtmCloudProxyType.NONE_PROXY

Type of the cloud proxy. The default is NONE_PROXY. See RtmCloudProxyType.