Server Gateway SDK v3.7.200.21 for Linux Java
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io.agora.rtc.IVideoEncodedImageReceiver Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

int onEncodedVideoImageReceived (AgoraVideoEncodedImageReceiver agora_video_encoded_image_receiver, byte[] image_buffer, int length, EncodedVideoFrameInfo info)

Detailed Description

The IVideoEncodedImageReceiver class.

Member Function Documentation

◆ onEncodedVideoImageReceived()

int io.agora.rtc.IVideoEncodedImageReceiver.onEncodedVideoImageReceived ( AgoraVideoEncodedImageReceiver  agora_video_encoded_image_receiver,
byte[]  image_buffer,
int  length,
EncodedVideoFrameInfo  info 

Occurs each time the SDK receives an encoded video image.

agora_video_encoded_image_receiverAn AgoraVideoEncodedImageReceiver object.
image_bufferThe video image buffer.
lengthThe data length of the video image.
infoThe information of the encoded video frame.
Whether to accept encoded video image.
  • 0: Accept.
  • 1: Do not accept.

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