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io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LocalAudioTrackStats ()
 LocalAudioTrackStats (int sourceId, int bufferedPcmDataListSize, int missedAudioFrames, int sentAudioFrames, int pushedAudioFrames, int droppedAudioFrames, int enabled)
int getSourceId ()
void setSourceId (int sourceId)
int getBufferedPcmDataListSize ()
void setBufferedPcmDataListSize (int bufferedPcmDataListSize)
int getMissedAudioFrames ()
void setMissedAudioFrames (int missedAudioFrames)
int getSentAudioFrames ()
void setSentAudioFrames (int sentAudioFrames)
int getPushedAudioFrames ()
void setPushedAudioFrames (int pushedAudioFrames)
int getDroppedAudioFrames ()
void setDroppedAudioFrames (int droppedAudioFrames)
int getEnabled ()
void setEnabled (int enabled)

Detailed Description

Statistics of a local audio track.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocalAudioTrackStats() [1/2]

io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.LocalAudioTrackStats ( )

◆ LocalAudioTrackStats() [2/2]

io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.LocalAudioTrackStats ( int  sourceId,
int  bufferedPcmDataListSize,
int  missedAudioFrames,
int  sentAudioFrames,
int  pushedAudioFrames,
int  droppedAudioFrames,
int  enabled 


sourceIdThe source ID of the local audio track.
bufferedPcmDataListSizeThe number of audio frames in the buffer. When sending PCM data, the PCM data is first stored in a buffer area. Then a thread gets audio frames from the buffer and sends PCM data.
missedAudioFramesThe number of audio frames missed by the thread that gets PCM data from the buffer.
sentAudioFramesThe number of audio frames sent by the thread that gets PCM data from the buffer.
pushedAudioFramesThe number of audio frames sent by the user.
droppedAudioFramesThe number of dropped audio frames caused by insufficient buffer size.
enabledWhether the local audio track is enabled.

Member Function Documentation

◆ getBufferedPcmDataListSize()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getBufferedPcmDataListSize ( )

◆ getDroppedAudioFrames()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getDroppedAudioFrames ( )

◆ getEnabled()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getEnabled ( )

◆ getMissedAudioFrames()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getMissedAudioFrames ( )

◆ getPushedAudioFrames()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getPushedAudioFrames ( )

◆ getSentAudioFrames()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getSentAudioFrames ( )

◆ getSourceId()

int io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.getSourceId ( )

◆ setBufferedPcmDataListSize()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setBufferedPcmDataListSize ( int  bufferedPcmDataListSize)

◆ setDroppedAudioFrames()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setDroppedAudioFrames ( int  droppedAudioFrames)

◆ setEnabled()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setEnabled ( int  enabled)

◆ setMissedAudioFrames()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setMissedAudioFrames ( int  missedAudioFrames)

◆ setPushedAudioFrames()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setPushedAudioFrames ( int  pushedAudioFrames)

◆ setSentAudioFrames()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setSentAudioFrames ( int  sentAudioFrames)

◆ setSourceId()

void io.agora.rtc.LocalAudioTrackStats.setSourceId ( int  sourceId)

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