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io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 LastmileProbeOneWayResult ()
 LastmileProbeOneWayResult (int packetLossRate, int jitter, int availableBandwidth)
int getPacketLossRate ()
void setPacketLossRate (int packetLossRate)
int getJitter ()
void setJitter (int jitter)
int getAvailableBandwidth ()
void setAvailableBandwidth (int availableBandwidth)

Detailed Description

The LastmileProbeOneWayResult class, which reports the uplink or downlink last-mile network probe test result.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LastmileProbeOneWayResult() [1/2]

io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.LastmileProbeOneWayResult ( )

◆ LastmileProbeOneWayResult() [2/2]

io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.LastmileProbeOneWayResult ( int  packetLossRate,
int  jitter,
int  availableBandwidth 


packetLossRateThe packet loss rate (%).
jitterThe network jitter (ms).
availableBandwidthThe estimated available bandwidth (bps).

Member Function Documentation

◆ getAvailableBandwidth()

int io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.getAvailableBandwidth ( )

◆ getJitter()

int io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.getJitter ( )

◆ getPacketLossRate()

int io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.getPacketLossRate ( )

◆ setAvailableBandwidth()

void io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.setAvailableBandwidth ( int  availableBandwidth)

◆ setJitter()

void io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.setJitter ( int  jitter)

◆ setPacketLossRate()

void io.agora.rtc.LastmileProbeOneWayResult.setPacketLossRate ( int  packetLossRate)

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