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io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 AgoraParameter (long cptr)
native int setInt (String key, int value)
native int setBool (String key, boolean value)
native int setUint (String key, int value)
native int setNumber (String key, double value)
native int setString (String key, String value)
native int setArray (String key, String json_src)
native int setParameters (String json_src)
native int getInt (String key, Out value)
native int getBool (String key, Out value)
native int getUint (String key, Out value)
native int getNumber (String key, Out value)

Detailed Description

The AgoraParameter class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ AgoraParameter()

io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.AgoraParameter ( long  cptr)


Member Function Documentation

◆ getBool()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.getBool ( String  key,
Out  value 

◆ getInt()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.getInt ( String  key,
Out  value 

◆ getNumber()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.getNumber ( String  key,
Out  value 

◆ getUint()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.getUint ( String  key,
Out  value 

◆ setArray()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setArray ( String  key,
String  json_src 

◆ setBool()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setBool ( String  key,
boolean  value 

◆ setInt()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setInt ( String  key,
int  value 

◆ setNumber()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setNumber ( String  key,
double  value 

◆ setParameters()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setParameters ( String  json_src)

Provides technical preview functionalities or special customizations by configuring the SDK with JSON options.

The JSON options are not public by default. Agora is working on making commonly used JSON options public in a standard way.

json_srcSets the parameter as a JSON string in the specified format.
0: Success. < 0: Failure.

◆ setString()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setString ( String  key,
String  value 

◆ setUint()

native int io.agora.rtc.AgoraParameter.setUint ( String  key,
int  value 

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