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agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats Struct Reference

#include <NGIAgoraVideoTrack.h>

Public Member Functions

 LocalVideoTrackStats ()

Public Attributes

uint64_t number_of_streams
uint64_t bytes_major_stream
uint64_t bytes_minor_stream
uint32_t frames_encoded
uint32_t ssrc_major_stream
uint32_t ssrc_minor_stream
int capture_frame_rate
int regulated_capture_frame_rate
int input_frame_rate
int encode_frame_rate
int render_frame_rate
int target_media_bitrate_bps
int media_bitrate_bps
int total_bitrate_bps
int capture_width
int capture_height
int regulated_capture_width
int regulated_capture_height
int width
int height
uint32_t uplink_cost_time_ms
QUALITY_ADAPT_INDICATION quality_adapt_indication

Detailed Description

The statistics of the local video track.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocalVideoTrackStats()

agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::LocalVideoTrackStats ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ bytes_major_stream

uint64_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::bytes_major_stream

The number of bytes of the major stream.

◆ bytes_minor_stream

uint64_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::bytes_minor_stream

The number of bytes of the minor stream.

◆ capture_frame_rate

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::capture_frame_rate

The capture frame rate of the video.

◆ capture_height

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::capture_height

The capture frame height (pixel).

◆ capture_width

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::capture_width

The capture frame width (pixel).

◆ encode_frame_rate

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::encode_frame_rate

The output frame rate of the encoder.

◆ frames_encoded

uint32_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::frames_encoded

The number of encoded frames.

◆ height

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::height

The frame height (pixel).

◆ input_frame_rate

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::input_frame_rate

The input frame rate of the encoder.

◆ media_bitrate_bps

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::media_bitrate_bps

The frame rate excluding FEC.

◆ number_of_streams

uint64_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::number_of_streams

The number of streams.

◆ quality_adapt_indication

QUALITY_ADAPT_INDICATION agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::quality_adapt_indication

Quality change of the local video in terms of target frame rate and target bit rate in this reported interval. See QUALITY_ADAPT_INDICATION.

◆ regulated_capture_frame_rate

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::regulated_capture_frame_rate

The regulated frame rate of capture frame rate according to video encoder configuration.

◆ regulated_capture_height

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::regulated_capture_height

The regulated frame height (pixel) of capture frame height according to video encoder configuration.

◆ regulated_capture_width

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::regulated_capture_width

The regulated frame width (pixel) of capture frame width according to video encoder configuration.

◆ render_frame_rate

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::render_frame_rate

The rendering frame rate.

◆ ssrc_major_stream

uint32_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::ssrc_major_stream

The SSRC (synchronization source) of the major stream.

◆ ssrc_minor_stream

uint32_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::ssrc_minor_stream

The SSRC (synchronization source) of the minor stream.

◆ target_media_bitrate_bps

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::target_media_bitrate_bps

The target bitrate (bps).

◆ total_bitrate_bps

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::total_bitrate_bps

The total frame rate including FEC.

◆ uplink_cost_time_ms

uint32_t agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::uplink_cost_time_ms

The average time diff between frame captured and framed encoded.

◆ width

int agora::rtc::LocalVideoTrackStats::width

The frame width (pixel).

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