Server Gateway SDK v3.8.202.20 for Linux C++
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agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats Struct Reference

#include <NGIAgoraAudioTrack.h>

Public Member Functions

 LocalAudioTrackStats ()

Public Attributes

uint32_t source_id
uint32_t buffered_pcm_data_list_size
uint32_t missed_audio_frames
uint32_t sent_audio_frames
uint32_t pushed_audio_frames
uint32_t dropped_audio_frames
uint32_t playout_audio_frames
uint32_t effect_type
bool enabled
uint32_t audio_volume

Detailed Description

Statistics of a local audio track.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ LocalAudioTrackStats()

agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::LocalAudioTrackStats ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ audio_volume

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::audio_volume

The volume that ranges from 0 to 255.

◆ buffered_pcm_data_list_size

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::buffered_pcm_data_list_size

The number of audio frames in the buffer.

When sending PCM data, the PCM data is first stored in a buffer area. Then a thread gets audio frames from the buffer and sends PCM data.

◆ dropped_audio_frames

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::dropped_audio_frames

The number of dropped audio frames caused by insufficient buffer size.

◆ effect_type

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::effect_type

The type of audio effect.

◆ enabled

bool agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::enabled

Whether the local audio track is enabled.

◆ missed_audio_frames

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::missed_audio_frames

The number of audio frames missed by the thread that gets PCM data from the buffer.

◆ playout_audio_frames

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::playout_audio_frames

The number of playout audio frames.

◆ pushed_audio_frames

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::pushed_audio_frames

The number of audio frames sent by the user.

◆ sent_audio_frames

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::sent_audio_frames

The number of audio frames sent by the thread that gets PCM data from the buffer.

◆ source_id

uint32_t agora::rtc::ILocalAudioTrack::LocalAudioTrackStats::source_id

The source ID of the local audio track.

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