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agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo Struct Reference

#include <AgoraBase.h>

Public Member Functions

 EncodedVideoFrameInfo ()
 EncodedVideoFrameInfo (const EncodedVideoFrameInfo &rhs)
EncodedVideoFrameInfooperator= (const EncodedVideoFrameInfo &rhs)

Public Attributes

int width
int height
int framesPerSecond
int trackId
int64_t renderTimeMs
uint64_t internalSendTs
uid_t uid

Detailed Description

The definition of the EncodedVideoFrameInfo struct.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ EncodedVideoFrameInfo() [1/2]

agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::EncodedVideoFrameInfo ( )

◆ EncodedVideoFrameInfo() [2/2]

agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::EncodedVideoFrameInfo ( const EncodedVideoFrameInfo rhs)

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=()

EncodedVideoFrameInfo & agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::operator= ( const EncodedVideoFrameInfo rhs)

Member Data Documentation

◆ codecType

VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::codecType

The video codec: VIDEO_CODEC_TYPE.

◆ framesPerSecond

int agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::framesPerSecond

The number of video frames per second. This value will be used for calculating timestamps of the encoded image. If framesPerSecond equals zero, then real timestamp will be used. Otherwise, timestamp will be adjusted to the value of framesPerSecond set.

◆ frameType

VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::frameType

The frame type of the encoded video frame: VIDEO_FRAME_TYPE.

◆ height

int agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::height

The height (px) of the video.

◆ internalSendTs

uint64_t agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::internalSendTs

Use this timestamp for audio and video sync. You can get this timestamp from the OnEncodedVideoImageReceived callback when encodedFrameOnly is true.

Attention that this parameter is just used in receiver side not sender side, thus it belongs to output.

◆ renderTimeMs

int64_t agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::renderTimeMs

The timestamp for rendering the video.

Attention that this parameter is just used in receiver side not sender side, thus it belongs to output.

◆ rotation

VIDEO_ORIENTATION agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::rotation

The rotation information of the encoded video frame: VIDEO_ORIENTATION.

◆ streamType

VIDEO_STREAM_TYPE agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::streamType

The stream type of video frame.

◆ trackId

int agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::trackId

The track ID of the video frame.

◆ uid

uid_t agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::uid

ID of the user.

◆ width

int agora::rtc::EncodedVideoFrameInfo::width

The width (px) of the video.

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