On-premise Recording SDK v3.0.6 API Reference for Linux (Java)
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io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout Class Reference


class  Region

Public Attributes

int canvasWidth = 0
int canvasHeight = 0
String backgroundColor = ""
int regionCount = 0
Region[] regions
String appData = ""
int appDataLength = 0
int keepLastFrame = 0
LiteraWatermarkConfig[] literalWms
TimestampWatermarkConfig[] timestampWms
ImageWatermarkConfig[] imageWms

Detailed Description

The structure of VideoMixingLayout.

Member Data Documentation

◆ canvasWidth

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.canvasWidth = 0

The width of the canvas (the display window or screen).

◆ canvasHeight

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.canvasHeight = 0

THE Height of the canvas (the display window or screen).

◆ backgroundColor

String io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.backgroundColor = ""

The background color of the canvas (the display window or screen) in RGB hex value.

If you set the defaultVideoBgPath parameter in recordingconfig when calling the createChannel method, the backgroundColor parameter does not take effect.

◆ regionCount

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.regionCount = 0

The number of the users (communication mode) or hosts (live broadcast mode) in the channel.

◆ regions

Region [] io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.regions

The users (communication mode) or hosts (live broadcast mode) list of VideoMixingLayout. Each user (communication mode) or host (live broadcast mode) in the channel has a region to display the video on the screen. See Region to set parameters.

◆ appData

String io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.appData = ""

User-defined data.

◆ appDataLength

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.appDataLength = 0

The length of the user-defined data.

◆ keepLastFrame

int io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.keepLastFrame = 0

Sets whether or not to show the last frame of a user in the region after the user leaves a channel:

  • true: The user's last frame shows in the region.
  • false: (Default) The user's last frame does not show in the region.

◆ literalWms

LiteraWatermarkConfig [] io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.literalWms

Configurates text watermarks. Pointer to an array of LiteraWatermarkConfig.

You can add up to ten text watermarks.

◆ timestampWms

TimestampWatermarkConfig [] io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.timestampWms

Configurates a timestamp watermark. Pointer to TimestampWatermarkConfig.

You can only add one timestamp watermark.

◆ imageWms

ImageWatermarkConfig [] io.agora.recording.common.Common.VideoMixingLayout.imageWms

Configurates image watermarks. Pointer to an array of ImageWatermarkConfig.

You can add up to four image watermarks.