On-premise Recording SDK v3.0.6 API Reference for Linux (C++)
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agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

  RemoteAudioStats ()

Public Attributes

int  quality
int  networkTransportDelay
int  jitterBufferDelay
int  audioLossRate

Detailed Description

The statistics of the remote audio stream. For details, see Statistics of remote audio streams.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RemoteAudioStats()

agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats::RemoteAudioStats ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ quality

int agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats::quality

The audio quality.

  • 0: The quality is unknown.
  • 1: The quality is excellent.
  • 2: The quality is quite good, but the bitrate may be slightly lower than 1.
  • 3: Users can feel the communication slightly impaired.
  • 4: Users cannot communicate smoothly.
  • 5: The quality is so bad that users can barely communicate.
  • 6: The quality is down and users cannot communicate at all.
  • 7: Users cannot detect the quality (Not in use).
  • 8: Detecting the quality.

◆ networkTransportDelay

int agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats::networkTransportDelay

The network delay (ms) from the sender to the receiver.

◆ jitterBufferDelay

int agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats::jitterBufferDelay

The jitter buffer delay (ms) at the receiver.

◆ audioLossRate

int agora::linuxsdk::RemoteAudioStats::audioLossRate

The packet loss rate (%) in the reported interval.