Media Player Kit v1.3.0 API Reference for Android
io.agora.mediaplayer.Constants Class Reference


enum  MediaPlayerAudioMode
enum  MediaPlayerError
enum  MediaPlayerEvent
enum  MediaPlayerMetadataType
enum  MediaPlayerPlaybackSpeed
enum  MediaPlayerPreloadEvent
enum  MediaPlayerState
enum  MediaStreamType

Static Public Attributes

static final int PLAYER_ERROR_NOT_INIT = -1
static final int PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_HIDDEN = 1
static final int PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_FIT = 2
static final int PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_ADAPTIVE = 3

Detailed Description

The Constants class.

Member Data Documentation


final int io.agora.mediaplayer.Constants.PLAYER_ERROR_NOT_INIT = -1

The player is not initialized.


final int io.agora.mediaplayer.Constants.PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_HIDDEN = 1

1: Uniformly scale the video until it fills the visible boundaries (cropped). One dimension of the video may have clipped contents.


final int io.agora.mediaplayer.Constants.PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_FIT = 2

2: Uniformly scale the video until one of its dimension fits the boundary (zoomed to fit). Areas that are not filled due to disparity in the aspect ratio are filled with black.


final int io.agora.mediaplayer.Constants.PLAYER_RENDER_MODE_ADAPTIVE = 3

3: This render mode is deprecated.