IoT SDK for Linux v1.8.0
Data Fields
video_frame_info_t Struct Reference

#include <agora_rtc_api.h>

Data Fields

video_data_type_e data_type
video_stream_type_e stream_type
video_frame_type_e frame_type
video_frame_rate_e frame_rate

Detailed Description

Information about the video frame.

Field Documentation

◆ data_type

video_data_type_e data_type

The video encoding type.

◆ frame_rate

video_frame_rate_e frame_rate

The number of video frames per second. The SDK uses this value to calculate timestamps of the encoded image.

◆ frame_type

video_frame_type_e frame_type

The video frame type.

◆ stream_type

video_stream_type_e stream_type

The video stream type.

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