IoT SDK for Android v1.8.0
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io.agora.rtc.AgoraRtcService.VideoFrameType Class Reference

Static Public Attributes

static final int VIDEO_FRAME_AUTO_DETECT = 0
static final int VIDEO_FRAME_KEY = 3
static final int VIDEO_FRAME_DELTA = 4

Detailed Description

Video frame type.

Member Data Documentation


final int io.agora.rtc.AgoraRtcService.VideoFrameType.VIDEO_FRAME_AUTO_DETECT = 0

0: Unknown frame type. The SDK automatically detects the frame type.


final int io.agora.rtc.AgoraRtcService.VideoFrameType.VIDEO_FRAME_DELTA = 4

4: Delta frame, such as P frame.


final int io.agora.rtc.AgoraRtcService.VideoFrameType.VIDEO_FRAME_KEY = 3

3: key frame.

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