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com.herewhite.sdk.domain.LoggerOptions.Level Enum Reference

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Detailed Description

The output log level.


The log level follows the sequence of error, warn, info, and debug. When choosing a level, you can also see the logs preceding that level.

For example, if you set the log level to info, the SDK outputs the logs within levels errorwarn,and info.

Member Data Documentation

◆ debug


Logs of the debug level.

Set your log level as debug if you want to get the most complete log file.

At present, logs at the debug level have the same information as those at the info level.

◆ info

Logs of the info level.

Logs at this level mainly provide information on SDK connection states.

◆ warn


Logs of the warn level.

Logs at this level mainly report the issues that the SDK has encountered but automatically solved.

If you call a deprecated method, the SDK does not send warning messages.

◆ error


Logs of the error level.

Logs at this level mainly report the errors that cause the SDK to fail to complete a task.